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Here is what Vox say...

'The VTX Series represents an evolutionary step in VOX’s Valvetronix Series. These amps combine all-new sophisticated modeling technology with a multi-stage tube pre-amp circuit reproduce the unique distortion, touch sensitivity, and the response that is characteristic of classic tube amps. The new modeling algorithm actually recreates the analog circuits of the most coveted tube amplifiers and allows users to adjust the gain structure, switch between Class A and Class AB operation, and adjust the bias of the amplifier in real time. VTX amplifiers also offer 13 classic effects based on some of the most iconic stompboxes of all time that sound incredible when paired with any of the 11 realistic amplifier models. Additional features like the a tightly sealed cabinet, proprietary bass-reflex design, a USB port, built-in tuner, AUX in jack, and headphone jack make the VTX the best-sounding and most flexible Valvetronix amplifier yet!'


Output Power 20 Watts
Speaker/s 1 x 8''
Preamp 12AX7 multi-stage pre-amp circuit
Weight 7.3kg / 16.09lbs
Depth 225mm / 8.86"
Width 410mm / 16.14"
Height 347mm / 13.66"
Power Supply AC adapter (DC 12 V)
Features 11 Amp Models / 13 Effects / 33 Preset Programs
Accessories Optional VOX VFS5 footswitch