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Kala PX-MACA-T Premier Exotic Macawood Tenor Ukulele UKE SALE

Was £249.00 Now £175.00
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Excellent gloss tenor in Macawood Uke for a great price! Brand new but
since it's been out in the shop I'm labelling as demo stock.

Here is what Kala say...
'Known also as Macacauba and Granadillo, Macawood has a growing
reputation in the instrument world as a lively and spirited tonewood
choice. Macawood hails from Central America, where it has long been
called “the wood that sings,” and can be found growing today throughout
Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. With tonal qualities similar to
Rosewood, Macawood’s density provides a long sustain, overall
responsiveness, and smooth bass overtones. Visually it is wild and fun,
trading off chestnut and chocolate browns with an interlocking grain
that all pops under our Premium Exotic high gloss finish.'