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Sterling by Music Man Sub Ray 4 in Black SOLD OUT

Price: £369.00
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Here is what Sterling say...

'Features onboard active 2 band preamp. Controls for volume, bass and treble offer maximum flexibility in finding your sound. Full cut & boost of bass & treble frequencies. The wide range of tones guarantee you will find your sound for any musical situation!

Superior design and construction are key to delivering a solid instrument that will accompany you on your long musical journey. All S.U.B. basses employ a superior 6-bolt neck joint. The 6-bolt neck joint, designed by Music Man, offers strength, stability and great tone transfer. The neck heel allows easy access to the higher end of the fingerboard and is unobtrusive. This feature allows your hands to freely move about the neck with ease. 

The high output humbucking pickup was designed for clarity and true reproduction of the basses natural tone, with minimal coloration. 2 rows of large magnetic pole pieces pump the string information into the pickup, feeding the 2-band active preamp. Tones can be aggressive, wild or mild. 3 screw adjustment allow for more accurate positioning of the pickups angle & height, allowing for more precise adjustments to match the strings angle.

The feel of the neck is everything. Your fretting hand is touching the neck 100% of the time you play your bass. We developed a super smooth satin finish for the back of the neck. This finish is non-glossy, never get’s sticky and always feels fresh. The tinted satin finish looks great and gives the instrument a classic look and feel.

All stringed instruments need some basic adjustment from time to time. Neck adjustments can be intimidating for some but the S.U.B. makes it easy and simple. S.U.B. Series guitars & basses have an easy to adjust neck. No specialised tools are required. The small thumbwheel located at the end of the fingerboard makes it easy and simple. You can use a small screwdriver or the included chrome bar


Shape Ray4
Shape Basswood
Neck Maple
Controls 1 x Volume / 1 x Hi Cut/Boost / 1 x Low Cut/Boost
Machine Heads Open Back
Scale Length 34"
Fingerboard Radius 12"
Fingerboard Maple
Nut 38mm