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EBS TremeLo (Bass Tremolo effect) USED

Price: £120.00
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This pedal is built like a tank and sounds great with both bass and guitar.

Here is what EBS say...

'The EBS TremoLo is a tremolo effects unit designed for use with electric bass guitar. The pedal delivers a warm sound due its analogue design. The unit has two modes; Volume and Filter. The volume mode creates a more traditional tremolo tone and the Filter mode engages a variable low-pass filter, creating a unique yet subtle tremolo sound. The ‘Type’ switch changes the waveform between Sine, Triangle and Square. The two main controls adjust the speed of the effect and the depth of the effect. The pedal also has stereo I/O, a true bypass footswitch, and rugged metal housing. The unit is operated via 9V battery or optional (not included) 9V power supply.'