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Hermida Audio Reverb 3 (USED)

Price: £140.00
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Here is what Hermida said...

'The Hermida Audio Reverb is result of a custom design for a legendary rock guitarist with a non-reverb amplifier. Hermida Audio wired this circuit into one of Santana’s favorite amplifiers and the response was so positive that he had to develop a pedal version.

The Hermida Audio Reverb 3 is a hybrid reverb that captures the pre-delay'd slap of a mechanical spring unit mixed with the airy voice and decay of a vintage plate. Hermida and Lovepedal wanted to add the ability to create more spacious sounds at higher settings. They decided to use a DSP based approachand developed their own reverb algorithm. The clean (dry) signal remains analog throughout the signal path. The result is a reverb pedal that maintains the clarity and sparkle of the original signal with the benefits offered by digitally generated reverbs.'