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Fulltone Fat Boost FB-3 (2009)

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Used Fulltone Fat Boost FB-3 from 2009 in great condition with original box.

Here is what Fulltone say...

'The Fulltone Fat-Boost 3 is a Discrete, Class-A, FET  (Field-Effect-Transistor) pedal offering up to 35dB of non-distorted  Gain without changing your signature sound ...unless you so desire You  can fatten/distort your tone, brighten or mellow up the sound, add or  subtract Bass, and add even-order harmonics! The FB-3 has True-Bypass  switching (using the finest switch made, the Fulltone 3PDT) and  incorporates a super-bright LED without the loud popping sound thanks to  our proprietary anti-pop circuitry.

FET’s can behave like Tubes in a properly designed circuit. They can  “clip” (distort) in a pleasing way instead of being buzzy or spiky  sounding (like a Transistor) and can also add a subtle Limiting to the  signal which can even-out the volume making your Live and Recorded tones  more pleasing to the ear....that‘s why you’ll see Recording Engineers  using my Fat-Boost on everything from
Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, and even Snare drums.

The Fat-Boost 3 works great in front of non-Master-Volume Tube amps  to goose them into submission, as well as through Master-Volume amps to  drive them much harder than possible with just your guitar alone. It  also works very well on Bass, Acoustic Guitars (with Pickups) and is the  best thing you could put at the end of a pedal board effects chain to  completely eliminate the tone loss caused by long guitar cable runs back  to your amp. Doing so will allow the use of 50’ (or longer) cable  lengths with no signal degradation whatsoever.

This final version of the Fat-Boost (Model FB-3) incorporates all of  the things that people have loved about previous versions of the  Fulltone Fat-Boosts without any of the shortcomings, an


Current Draw 9 or 18 Volts DC with (standard) 2.1mm Negative Center Pin
Power Supply 9 or 18v / 9v Battery
Expected battery life 20hrs
Height 52mm
Depth 112mm
Width 60mm