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This rare to encounter guitar is in great condition with it's original hard case. Overall the guitar is very clean and feels great with only minor fretwear. The only non-original elements to speak of are the tune-o-matic bridge (the original would've been a Mustang /  Jazzmaster style) and a washer beneath the pickup selector to stabilise it.

In addition the guitar has recently had it's neck pickup rewound by Eternal Guitars.

Here's the Reverb rundown of the Coronado...

'The Fender Coronado II was a part of the short-lived Coronado Series, designed by Roger Rossmeisl after the CBS buyout. The Coronado II was one of the first Fender hollowbodies, sporting two single-coil DeArmond pickups and an optional tremolo system. Unfortunately, Fender's attempt to enter into the hollowbody market failed; the Coronado II and its siblings didn't catch on and only lasted through a few years of production; however, their uniqueness has made them beloved by some players and collectors.'