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Fender Bassman TV Ten 1x10" (USED) SOLD

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Here is what Fender said...

'Based on the legendary Bassman amps, the Bassman TV Series offers classic Fender bass tones to modern bassists. They're available in four different configurations, with wattages ranging from an ample 150 watts up to a beefy 350 watts. The 12AX7-driven preamp provides warmth and bite, and the Class D power amp pushes your sound out front and center. Available in 1x10", 2x10", 1x12", and 1x15 configurations. These amps are a great fusion of vintage styling and modern thinking! The original Bassman pioneered bass amplification and the Bassman TV Series proudly continues this legacy!

Fender Bassman TV Ten 1x10" Bass Combo Amp at a Glance:

Built on legacy

The Precision Bass guitar was born in 1951, forever changing music and giving birth to a new kind of musician, the electric bassist. Maximizing this amazing new instrument was the mighty Bassman, the original electric bass amplifier. Since that initial inspiration many new musical chapters have been written. Now it's your turn. Fender Bassman TV bass combos carry the DNA of the original Bassman, delivering classic Fender bass tone in a package designed to handle the demands of low bass frequencies. With a unique look that is unmistakably Fender, you're sure to class up any stage.

Great tone with no fuss

The Bassman TV Ten offers the ultimate in great tone and simplicity. The tight response of its 10" speaker combined with the warmth of a 12AX7-driven tube preamp and passive tone stack result in big bass tone coming from a small package. Add to that the power of a super-efficient Class D power section and you've got the recipe for a bass sound that'll punch through anything with authority!'