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TWS Throttle Two Channel Preamp (USED)

Price: £119.00
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Here is what TWS say...

'The Throttle is a gain pedal capable of everything; a clean boost, treble boost, low, mid and high gain drive, distortion, and fuzz. It's loud, clean ups amazingly, and has controls over the highs and lows.
The range of gain from clean through to fuzz is astonishing: light drive, high gain distortion, treble boost, it does do it all. The low cut of classic drive and treble boosters are found in the 3 position Low switch. The second footswitch, the ‘Throttle’, increases the gain, shifts the EQ, and with Vol 2 can boost the output all to make for a cutting lead tone. When run at 18V or higher the Throttle has up to 30dB volume boost with the gain at zero, enough to drive any amp into overdrive. Furthermore, it’s unbelievably touch sensitive and cleans up exceptionally well in any setting and with any guitar or pickup combination. In short it does everything you’ve ever wanted or needed in a gain pedal.

The Throttle is a completely original design and is hand built to order in Liverpool, UK.'