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TWS Colossuzz (USED)

Price: £99.00
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Here is what TWS say...

'The Colossuzz fuzz is all you could ever want from a fuzz: huge Muff like sustain, crushing low end girth, and a not so subtle volume boost to boot. Lo-fi, 60s sounding, ripping velcro fuzz that harks back to the ‘Stones ‘Satisfaction’ is achievable via the volts control. This control can starve the supply voltage to under 1.6V! The Colossuzz works beautifully on bass and keys creating a groaning, synth-like square-wave that will dominate the low-end of any band.
Along with the contemporary idea of voltage starving, the Colossuzz can clean up with the guitar volume and works beautifully with both single coil and humbucker alike.'